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   Currently living near Preston Park in Brighton (England)   I have spent most of my life in southern England. Travelled from overseas when very small and lived near Cambridge as a child. It was brilliant visiting the Zoology museum and Anthropology & Archaeology museums run by Cambridge University, back in the day they were free. Also the Botanical Gardens provided an insight into global plant variation. Ferns and the lower plants in the heated greenhouses fascinated me; although I did develop a special fondness for the fen ragwort Senecio paludosus outside in the small wet fen area.

Despite virtually no enthusiasm shown by my secondary school teachers I developed an interest in biology and physics. During terms I spent most time in the library with mates David Hardick and Hugh Pratten. No idea where they are now! There were some great text books: 'Patterns in Nature' and 'An Introduction to Quantum Physics' fascinated me.

My attempts at socializing outside during the lunchbreak were not pleasant. I tried to join in the football game and David Cleaver knocked me over and kicked my mouth. Blood everywhere! That was enough 'Team Sport' for one lifetime.

Time spent studying Ecology at Norwich University and Wye College in Kent gave me space to learn about jazz bass. The furthest North I travelled was Edinburgh where I played a gig in a funky jazz band. Great fun; Olson, me and the Beats Working crew all survived a manic Transit Van journey there and back over two days.

   After Wye College I started in the real world of work. Shock Horror! 


I developed a passion for woodland ecology and learned much about woodlands in Kent, Sussex and Surrey. The way the Government's Forestry Commission functioned was criminal (in my opinion). Seeing amazing areas damaged by completely inappropriate planting and management schemes was depressing.


Gradually my day job turned into being a glorified data entry administrator for English Nature. The Office moved to an open-plan monstrosity on a former abattoir - time for me to leave!


I now spend my time in far more pleasant and fulfilling ways. Learning music and studying local wildlife is very rewarding. Obviously the other big change since leaving constricted office life environment is that I can learn about life around the World. The World Wide Web is amazing and opens opportunities to learn and communicate globally.

One of my key objectives is to produce a list of the areas across Brighton & Hove which are important for Wildlife and Earth Science features.

This can be viewed at

KEYWORDS:  Wildlife Nature Botany Biodiversity Ecology Geology Earth Science GIS Map Mapping 

Looking after Cephalanthera rubra requires guitar music.

Bach's Prelude (BWV 846) helps encourage flowering.

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